How many eggs per day?

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    Good Morning!

    How many eggs can a chicken lay in 24 hours?

    Okay so it started Monday. I have a chicken that lays no less than 6 eggs per week and from what I can tell she's the only one laying - I think...

    So here's the story, Sunday she (the chicken that lays 6 a week) laid an egg around noon. And on Monday at 6am when I went to let my 4 chickens out the coop and clean it I found another egg. At first I assumed it was another chicken laying but none of the others display the characteristics of laying although all 4 chickens are of age and were purchased at the same time and should be laying too. But they don't.

    Anyhoo, yesterday (Thursday) the 1 chicken that I know has been laying for the past couple of weeks laid an egg at 11am. But again this morning at 6am I went to let them out of the coop and found another egg (still warm) but still because none of the others seems to be laying or they're very quiet about it, whereas my chicken that's been faithfully laying makes more noise than a freight train when she's preparing to lay; I'm not sure if I have 2 laying or just 1 very fertile chicken.

    So here are my questions: How many eggs can a chicken lay per day (within 24 hours)? And is it possible that a chicken can be laying and yet exhibit no signs at all or make any noise? Because I'm sure I'd hear her because our coop is in the den of my home because where I live there are many tlacuache (sorry I don't know how to call them in English- people eat them too - not a rodent but looks like one) and they seem to break into all outdoor coops in the area and eat the chickens.

    Thanks I'd appreciate any help you can give. Have a great day! And if any of you know the English name for tlacuache I'd appreciate that too!

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    Yes, if the pullets are all the same age, they'll begin about the same time, give or take a few weeks. They are individuals and reach point of lay differently.
    Some pullets exhibit huge combs and wattles and squat like crazy, while other never do. I'd suspect you have at least 2 who are laying. It's great. Rejoice.
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    A hen will lay one egg every 25 hrs to begin with and occassionally skip a day. After the second year, her egg laying drops off at a rather consistent rate of about 10% a year. Here's a good article on egg laying.

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