How many eggs will a duck lay before setting?


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Jan 20, 2008
Anderson, TX
I was going to clean out my flower bed on Sunday, but to my surprise there was a nest of almost 2 dozen eggs from my mallards. I don't know how many are laying in it, but it keeps growing every day. There is quite a build-up around the eggs, so they are well hidden.

I had found a similar nest next to the fire place with 3 eggs in it, but no more appeared in it.

I'm still trying to decide whether to wait them out or fire up the incubator!

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Jun 5, 2009
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What about taking some and putting in the bator and leaving some for them to brood?

My ducks have brooded clutches of 4 or 5 all the way up to 10 or 12. Smaller clutches when they have their own nest and larger when someone else is adding eggs to their


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