How many geese is enough, Or not ?... lol


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Nov 3, 2007
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I've been reading the pro's and con's of geese. I still plan on getting some and am considering 1 pair of Pilgrim. I've read that geese can live a long time (40yrs barring predation, illness, or accident)and breed for quite awhile (20yrs). I'm not certain if that was breed specific or not.
Question: Will one pair be the way to go to try out geese? Or would you recommend 2 females & one male to start out with? Thanks!
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I am not sure about the 40 years. I believe they will breed for 6-7 years and live up to 20 (and I think you are pushing it here too).

I like to have two mated pairs ( right now the ganders get into goose fights for territory. They just can't divide 6 acres equally). But other than that, they are cool.
Go for it!
Geese are awesome if you have the proper set up.
Why not start out with a pair? If you want more you can always hatch out some eggs.
See my "Raising waterfowl Tip" page on my website for more info.
Good luck!
I have three Embdens that are in excess of twenty years old. I am not sure how much in excess as I inherited them six years ago and was told that they were about twenty then. The female laid three eggs last year, one of which hatched. She lays enormous eggs. Last year is the first time I attempted to hatch her eggs.
I"m considering getting a pair of Grey Toulouse.
I was wondering if they are aggressive toward people, ducks and other animals?

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