How many Hens to a coop?


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May 30, 2010
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Newbie here, just wondering if you can tell me how many hens will fit in my coop comfortably? They free range for 3 hours in the a.m. and another 3 hours in the late afternoon/evening. i will show a picture and it is 3 feet wide, by 4 feet high and 8 feet long with 4 nesting boxes and 2 roosting boards 4 feet long.

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3 ft by 8 ft is 24 sq ft, and the "general rule" for regular sized chickens (not bantams) is 4 sq feet per bird in the coop, so you can house 6 chickens in that coop. I see by your photo you are counting the attached pen area as part of your coop; I am guessing the actual COOP size is 3 x 4, which is only 12 sq ft. That's 3 chickens. The 'general rule' counts 10 square feet of run space per chicken, so your coop and attached run would probably handle 3 chickens.

Someone may correct me, though.

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