How many HOURS do hatcheries take to hatch egg? Are they that precise

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    Apr 1, 2009
    Hi Y'all

    Does anyone know how many hours hateries go before that turn off turning and get the egg into "hatch" mode.

    I know there are many different ideas about stop turning on day 18...stop on 19, ....etc.

    Just wondering how hatcheries schedule that....
    is it 18 days and 6 hrs...
    and once in the hatcher.... do the expect chicks to start hatching after say 30 hrs?

    There reason I am wondering is that I figure they have it down to just about perfection. Might give me an idea about if I should increase temp or decrease? would it be a good idea to stop turning later? etc

    Just wondering if anybody know..
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    Hatcheries don't get perfection. They hatch on an absolute schedule, each hatchery hatch starts somewhere from 18 to 19 days. And they run them to 21 or 22. But I've ordered from hatcheries six times and had them postpone dates 3 times for failed hatches.

    That's the professionals. They haven't anything near a perfect average and when they blow a hatch it can be an incubator of 1500 eggs or the huge room bators.

    If the computerized professional hatcheries fail, pretty sure we are also going to mess things up now and then.

    There are no guarantees, no perfect sets of instructions.

    That's why you don't count them til they've hatched. An egg is simple potential to everyone, everywhere.
  3. Backyard Farm

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    Apr 1, 2009
    AHHH are sooo right!!

    I should just be happy with my good hatch rates and just accept that... [​IMG]

    ...if all their knowledge and expensive computerized equipment can't be perfect each time... I am not doing so bad with my inexpensive equipment, wondering which themometer I should believe, fluctuating humidity type incubators.

    Someone posted this cute bit of wisdom---

    "The chance of eggs hatching is inversely proportionate to their expense and your desire for them to hatch"" [​IMG]

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