How many lbs of feed should I be giving?

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    I have 100 hens in a large barn that are not free ranging at the moment. How many pounds of layer should I be giving a day? My hens have always free ranged or been in a large run area so this is all new to me. These are hens from a commercial barn so they are not predator savvy and I don't have a huge secure area for them to be outside just yet. They are all molting and eat like crazy.



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    20 to 25 lbs if they are laying.

    Are you going to ration them or just confirming if you'v a rodent problem? I personally like to have feed offered all day, put away at night. Let them eat as much as they want and manage for wildlife that may be helping themselves. Chunx tamper proof bait stations are an excellent tool for rodent control. I keep one right under the coop where the feed hangs. They shouldn't be used in runs with chicks.
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    I don't have any way of keeping food out at all times- no big feeders and I have never been a fan of that anyway. I have always been one to feed in the morning and evening. They are not laying right now- they are molting and were culled out because of it. They are 12-14 months old though. I plan on only keeping them a few weeks and then reselling for profit once they start laying again. The people that I got them from had them in pretty poor conditions and was only offering rolled corn. I am going to get a higher percentage food to give them soon (if hubby doesn't stop this evening)
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    What are you feeding them?

    By higher percentage, I guess you mean a higher percentage protein feed?
    Very odd time for all to be molting. What is the lighting like in the building?

    Chickens are ravenous eaters and if they aren't free ranging, you need to keep feed available all waking hours or they'll eat things you don't want them to eat, like bedding, feces, etc..

    The moron that was feeding only corn got out of them, what they put into them, didn't they?
    You'll also get the same results if you don't keep an appropriate feed available all day. Since they aren't laying, have been deprived of a complete feed and need to grow feathers - they need a higher protein complete grower feed. 18-20% for now. You can cut back to 18% till they start laying.
    Commencement of lay will be determined by body condition(complete nutrition) and day length.

    You probably need something like this.
    Or you could build a bulk feeder.
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