How many mason jar feeders for 23 chicks?

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Jul 23, 2018
Kootenai County, ID
Hello all!

Last time we got chicks, we ordered 10 and got 12, so only used one of the mason jar feeders and one mason jar waterer for them.

Now, we're getting 23 chicks (ordered, not sure if they'll send more or not), and I'm wondering how many feeders and waterers do I need for all of them (this new batch will have 3 cockerels- last one was all pullets)? They're hatching June 8 from the hatchery so will prob arrive by June 10, and I'm trying to gather what materials I need in the next two weeks to get ready for them.

Also, which is better- the mason jar feeders, or the trough feeders (chicks)? Which one is less waste? I've seen both, and since the trough feeders have more holes, I am curious :) But they may hold less feed and require more frequent filling...

So thoughts on either one? Which one works better (I would prefer not to use hanging feeders at chick age- I use a no-waste homemade bin and pvc elbow feeder for adult birds now which is great, but it won't work for chicks because they're too small).

My 17 chicks are almost 6 weeks old now and I have mixed reviews on the feeders. I found the trough feeder was used more frequently when they were little but it also got a LOT more waste and bedding in the feed, so I had to throw more feed away with the trough feeder.
The mason jar type feeder is now their favorite but possibly because the trough is too easy for them to knock over now and doesn't make as nice of a roost for them. I had purchased a kit that had both which was enough for all 17 with twice daily fill ups on the trough and a good shake down on the mason jar at the same time.
From what I've read, most hatcheries will ship extra chicks with every order just in case of losses during shipping. I had only ordered 15.
I've only used the mason jar ones. For 23 chicks, I'd think 2, maybe 3, would be sufficient? I've never had a huge waste issue but I also don't put on the mason jar attachment either, to keep the level of feed lower and prevent scratch/bill outs.

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