How many meaties do i get to make it wroth the trouble


10 Years
Sep 13, 2009
Near Ottawa Ontario Canada
I think 25 is the min. Yes they will have more problems then the layers but we have still be pretty lucky here.

The are eating machines, they poop way more. So expect to clean the coop way more often. (every 2 days near end)

I also find they drink more water, so I always give them more waters then I would layers.

If the floors, damp or not clean enough, they will get leg problems quicker. They will also over heat way faster, we usaully have a fan on them for days above 30. For instance here is 24 today 29 w/ humdex. Layers, enjoying the day, 4 week old meaties, panting away..


and Welcome to BYC!!

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