How many ml do you administer of vita-jec B complex fortified for a chicken?

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    Apr 26, 2012
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    I need to administer an injection of vita jec b complex fortified. I've looked on the Internet and still no dosing instructions for anything smaller than a pig. I was told to buy this and give it case of emergency..please anyone????
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    Well I googled it and your thread was the top result, and nothing else pertaining to chickens popped up.

    However, this website, if you click on the left column where it says "crookneck" - has an article on giving vits for crookneck, and it discusses Vit B orally.

    I WOULD NOT give the same dose via injection as they say to give orally. DO NOT.

    However, I was hoping that in your situation you might be able to give just some oral B vits. At the feed store they sell poultry vit b12 too.
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