How many more chickens do you have since joining BYC?

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    I was just laughing with my husband that the more I learn on BYC, the more chickens I want.

    I originally (pre-BYC) wanted three rhode island red hens.....some how I now have four RIR, a flock of buff orpington, two russian orloffs, two breeds of DUCKS and now some new EEs that my DH bought me as a present.........for a grand total of 18 chickens and 13 ducks!

    Holy cow. But I learned about so many cool birds on here, and saw pictures of all the beautiful eggs and all.........and just HAD to have more. Nobody else I know even has more than a couple hens, except all of my BYC friends!!!!!! Thank goodness for you poultry-enablers, my chickens have been a source of great joy! What about you guys? How many birds did you have before BYC compared to now?

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    Jun 20, 2009
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    Since I joined with 9 last year, I now have over 30 plus 24 in the incubator that I bought a few months ago
  3. before i made an account on BYC, i wanted a trio of aseels (i still do) i don't have any chickens yet but i will be getting some very soon!
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