How many nesting boxes???

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    Apr 21, 2011
    OKay, wel im not sure wether this goes here, but i am posting it here anyway...
    We currently have 6 nesting boxes yet have 8 chickens... Will this pose a problem or will it be fine, the nest boxes are roomy so we would be able to fit in two more if nessasary but if not i think they would llike a nice large-ish nest boxes....
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    Two would have been adequate, three are a luxury, in case one of the hens goes broody, there will still be two open nest boxes.

    The recommendation is one next box for every four chickens. Whoever made that up has not noticed how chickens pick certain ones.... and they ALL use that one.
    You will find the hens using one box, or maybe two, and even standing in line while another is in one, laying, because it's the FAVORITE nest box.

    That's just the way the little goobers are. [​IMG]

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