How many of your chickens.........

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Jan 9, 2011
Central Valley California
Have names and come when called. live inside and wear dipers
. Are clam lap hens and will let you pick them up
. I was just thinking about this when I reacently read a post of someone catching a stray hen and asking how they could tame her and be a lap hen like the rest of their hens. All my chickens live outside, are tame but not laphens, have no idea what a name is etc., jut how I think it should be. I just think chickens wearing dipers and coming when called and being laphens is so bizzare
, no offence to you guys. But how many of you have chickens like that? Is it better? I will always keep mine how they are, I don't even know how hens are supposed to lay eggs with diapers on, but whatever
. So what do you have, pampered poultry or fieldroaming fowl?
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Apr 29, 2009
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Mine are free ranging or working breeds so to speak. They are in their breeding pens. But everybody get treats, so the one's penned are not mistreated. I quit naming chcikens years ago, it just hurts more when something happens to them. I do name all my Tom's, my Peas male and females. And my bull. Every now and then one will accidently get a name just from it's behaviour. I do have some that ride on my shoulder through the yard, I did not teach them this habit and frankly I dont like it.
Oh and all my goats have names.
For me a diaper is a big No-No, I have more than enough animals in my house.

But all my bird's coming running the minute they see me, they just want to eat. They aren't wishing me a good morning
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Jan 30, 2011
Western montana
lets see....
sit on lap... yes
eat out of hands .. yes
love to be held ... yes
follow us every where.... yes
named... oh yes, all five of my girls have pretty names

but no way a house bird with a diaper... um there my pets and they give me eggs, but there not real babies and nope no diapers LOL
not unless they were healing from an injury and needed to be indoors. then they would be in a cage and not free roaming. Im not into cleaning diapers from birds.
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Aug 14, 2011
Central California (Denair/Turlock)
mine are in a big coop wit lots of room, only in the house when injured but even then r in a cage,putting a diper on a chicken seems mean, how would they lay eggs or sit or move comertably, i only name my show birds, and only thos i hold, i dnt like that pampured chicken idea, let chickens be chickens, there not house pets lol


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Sep 4, 2011
My girls have names, know who is who, eat from my hand, and will sit on my lap.......but I draw the line at chicken nappies

Chicken poop is bad enough without having a chicken sit around in a nappy full of it!
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Apr 29, 2011
When we bought the chicks we called them by their color- red Blackie and whiner- well the yellow chick earned that name for constantly crying unless smooshed against someones chest. We later renamed them rockie apollo and drago - however the color names stuck and that's what they respond to. Whiner turned out to be a boy and had to go go another house but everyone comes to their color name. The ducks were called by their breed since 2 were the same color and peking was just such a weird thing to say he got the name hedwig pretty quick however the girls (like the chickens) started responding to mallard and rouen despite getting real names. Little mallard flew away
and rouen is still rouen and resonds to that.

Everyone except rouen sits in my lap. Everyone follows me around. Everyone thinks they belong In the house and sneak in at every opportunity (perhaps you've read my post on Red chicken laying eggs in my bed still working on that problem)
But no diapers however I did have one for my cockatiel- he hated it and everyone made fun of him idk what happened to it. Plus the poo would get stuck in his feathers after awhile. It really stressed him out and he spent the entire time trying go pick it off which would result in him accidentally picking out neck feathers- which then worried me that I was enforcing a feather picking habit.

My animals are a purse short of a Paris Hilton dog LOL. Do they make purses to carry poultry? I could be on to the next big thing

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