How many quail ?


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Nov 13, 2012
I'm interested in your opinion!
For someone, who doesn't keep quail, and would like to produce the equivlent of a dozen hen's eggs PER WEEK in quail eggs,
how many quail would you advise that they keep?
I have my own opinion, which I'll dish out later, but I'm interested in what you think.
You get 2 eggs per day with each quail? What type do you have, I want that kind! Mine only lay one per day.
Ok my guess is 3 quail eggs per chicken egg, so you need about 36 quail eggs per week

So based on that 5-6 eggs per day safe side 6 eggs per day so 6 Quail. But like Chickens not all quail lay one per day so I would go with 7 Quail but that is just my opinion
I misread your post I thought you wanted to know how many eggs a quail lays...but you are asking how many quail eggs is equal in volume to a chicken (hens) egg.
I don't know that answer as I do not eat them, I have Button quail.

In my original answer I said two quail hens would/could lay one egg each or two eggs per day but to be safe I would get three hens.
Ok I think he wants to know how many Quails it will take to make 1 Dozen Chicken Eggs PER WEEK I just found out it takes 5 quail eggs to equal 1 Chicken egg.

So with the above information he needs 60 eggs to equal 1 Dozen chicken eggs the math stats that is a average of 8.57 Eggs per day

So the correct answer should be 9 quails are needed to produce what he is looking for.

the information the person above states 3 quail that will give them 21 eggs PER WEEK or equail to 4 Chicken eggs
Hi, yes I guess it would be better written, how many quails will it take to make 1 dozen chicken eggs per week.
This is my calculation, and I'm interested in what others think....
My conclusion is 13 quail are needed, based on laying one egg per day with Jumbo Japanese Coturnix
13 quail hens x 7days =91 eggs per week, equivalent to around 18 hens eggs at the onset of lay, reducing to around 75% production (68 eggs equivalent to around a dozen hens eggs) owing to factors such as aging, stress, nutrition Also, bearing in mind that at the onset of lay, you will have many more eggs, and as they age, it will diminish. So, be prepared to use more eggs at the start and less later on.
So what do you guys think.. is this an accurate calculation????? Do other breeds of quail lay differently?
Hi Mikedero, so can you expand... what birds do you have and how many do they lay?
I have Coturnix and I have 3 males and 9 females

I get an average of 8 per day some days 9 and some days 6-7 most days 8. They are 4 months old and this spring I will start with a new batch and cull these. I am not going to keep them more than a year. I will start hatching my own come march 2013 then I plan on 6-8 males and 18-24 Females and every 3 weeks hatch out a 100+ so I can fill the freezer and sell some of them.

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