How many roosters for 14 hens?

Chickens in Elmwood

10 Years
Jul 6, 2009
Elmwood, WV
We are currently without a rooster because of our roos nasty behavior toward our kids. We have 10 pullets now and are hopefully adding 4 more (successfully
) in a few weeks. That will give us 14 girls. Is one roo enough or should we have a try with 2?
If you are breeding to hatch or sell, you may want at least two roos, but if you just have a hobby/utility flock, one roo should be enough. If you do get two roos though, you need to get two that have been raised together so they won't fight.
:jumpyI have 2 for 5 Hens. They are father and son they were raised together. Son picks on dad all the time, now that he is a big boy. I am looking into getting at least 2 -4 more girls as soon as I find what I want, color and all that.
Depends on the rooster. I have one rooster with 30 women at the moment because he won't share.
That is way too much for optimum fertility, though. I had two but Dutch refused to allow his younger brother any peace. One to 10-12 is all you really should have.

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