How many snacks permissible for 1 1/2 week olds?

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Apr 6, 2013
Been reading a lot about healthy snacks and treats on here, and I tried the mashed boiled egg and my 27 babies went wild! I also very finely chopped up some spinach and gave that to them. I did one egg and the spinach yesterday and was wondering if it was OK to give them an egg each day? And finely chopped up greens? Or should I really keep that to a minimum and only give the starter crumbles to them at this age? Trying to get them used to me by bribery LOL! It was hilarious watching them--especially my buff turken. Rather than get her own piece of green she chased others that had some in their beak.......
If you are feeding other things besides chick food you need to feed grit.

I about freeked the first time I saw my kids feeding day old chicks grasshoppers but it never hurt them. I think, "Feed away."
Yep, I have chick grit in the brooder with them. They seem to love the treats. There was a fly buzzing around in the tack room where the brooder is and flew down near the chicks and one of them almost got it.....
I think as long as they are getting most of their nutrition from the chick feed for now, that treats are fine. :) Just gave finely chopped lettuce to my week olds-- they've been scratching up and trying to eat the paper towels. I figure if they're old enough to try to digest paper towels, they're definitely old enough for greens. (Chick grit will be supplied of course.)

I also figure that day old chicks raised by mama hens would be eating bugs and greens by now anyway. One egg and some greens for 27 chicks sounds fine. :D
When I gave the mashed up egg earlier today I put some in my hand and laid it on the floor of the brooder. Some of the braver ones came and ate it right off me. A good start to getting them used to me!
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