How many square feet of wired run do I need?

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Feb 4, 2009
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I have 24 barred rock pullets that are ready to lay and three roosters. my coop is 10 X 12 and I am currently enlarging my wired run. What would you experienced folks recommend for a wired run for that many birds? Please don't say "as much as you can afford". I want to give them adequate run space for them to be comfortable, happy and healthy. I let them free range some but not daily since I am not here with them all the time. I live in the deep woods and we are loaded with foxes, hawks and coyotes. If I turned them out every day I would have to stay with them constantly or start losing them. I have put too much into them to lose them. thanks for any helpful suggestins that you can give me.
My layer run is 20x30, house 8 1/2x16. But, I have other coops running along two sides of that run with roofed runs. When one of those is empty it gives them additional total space 8x16. We let layers out after work at 5 or after 2 when we are home. I have thirty layers currently with an extra run of space. Roos have own spacious coops with roofed runs and do not range. But, yes, we would like layer run bigger.

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