How many times should I thank my SO ?!!!!

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by unionwirewoman, Feb 17, 2008.

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    My SO's friend knew I was looking for a rooster for my flock . He found a lady who was giving away 2 roosters for free and called my SO . I called the number and asked about them and it turned out she had only 1 bantam rooster left . He was a frizzle without the "frizzle" . I also learned she was 84 miles away , and told her that it was too far to drive . My SO overheard this and asked me if I wanted it , we could go pick it up no problem . I caved in and we made it a road trip ! We got there and instead of 1 roo there were 3 and she told me to take my pick ! One WAS a frizzle and the other is a orangish type with a black / blue/ green tail . I asked SO which one he liked better and the lady said we could have both !!! We have 17 hens right now , but will be culling some , and ordering more . In the end of this year we will have 24 ladies , so I think 2 roo's will be fine . Just happy I got 2 roo's that I wanted ! I've been looking for a frizzle , and the other roo is just gorgeous in my eyes . I'd post pics but my programs are screwed up ! Sorry so long ![​IMG]
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    Thats great! what a loveing SO to take you to get them. Sounds like you will have some very lucky ladies there!
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    Yeah!!! Glad to hear that you found a couple of good looking boys!

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