How many times turning with the Brinsea Mini Advanced


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Mar 22, 2007
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I've tried the search function but could not find the answer. It's time prepare the mini incubator but I was wondering how many times you set the turning?
Last year the first time I did 5 times with no succes, second time 3 times and only 2 came out alive. I want to try it in a different room this time that has a constant temperature. Hoping you'll good give me some advice on this one.
Gosh I keep confusing the american mesures and the dutch ones but i believe it's around 47 degrees.....
I'll need to take a look in my bator will do that tomorrow

I also have a huge Dyscalculia haha but I'll figure it out!!
All my hatches have taken place in my rather chilly guest room. (But in summer it will be fairly warm...) Just keep it out of drafts or where there is air flow from air conditioning or other air vents.
Ah ok then it's going to be the bedroom then.

Ummm, perhaps I should explain that I just use the guest room because I have six incubators on a table and in a book-case. It wasn't a recommendation, as if one SHOULD use a "chilly" room; warm rooms are fine, too. The draft and changes in temperatures are the bad things, not warmth. I think the Brinsea instructions even mention the incubators work better if they're in a room that doesn't get below a certain temperature....

I don't heat my house much. I'm comfortable around 55-60 degrees.

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