how many windows does your coop have?


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How many windows will create enough ventilation for a 8x10 coop?
I'm building a new coop and I'm concerned about ventilation and ammonia build up.I'm planning on a large doubled sided door and a window in front and 2 cross vent on each end near the roof.wondering if I should put in another small window in the back also for cross ventilation.There will be chickens sharing it (I know not recommended) with ducks.How many birds do you think will fit comfortably in this 8x10 space?
Will this be enough ventilation? Does anyone have a special way of dealing with ammonia build up.I know lime usually will work but, I'd like to not have to use it or have the ammonia build up at all. Any advice?


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I wouldn't put another window in the back. I have one on each side and a small one in front (which does not open). I left the back without a window to hang the nesting boxes. They like it a little dark back where the nesting boxes are. The cross ventilation of the two side windows should be fine.

I use Food Grade DE for ammonia build up. It works great but should probably be ordered online to make sure you are getting food grade. It dries everything up and makes it smell better. Then I stir up the shavings and throw a few handfuls of fresh shavings on top once in a while. (Deep littler method) if you do a search for DE and Deep litter method there is lots of info.

I have 6 chickens in a 6x8 and there is plenty of room. I think the rule is 4 square feet per bird. So, 6x8 is 48. 48 divided by 4 square feet is 12 chickens. I believe this is correct but someone else may be more of an expert in this area.
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We just finished building an 8x8 coop with very high ceiling (6 feet up to ~12). I have 11 hens in it. They've been in there since July so we got to experience high heat. Each of the walls have a window and thank goodness. My Dh suggested a design change of deleting the back wall window, but I insisted on all 4. With the 4 open, it allows for wonderful air circulation. Without all 4, it would be deadly hot in there. We also have the pop-out door open at floor level which ups the air flow even more. I highly recommend the more windows the better, as many as you can feasibly design in.

I have read that 4 square feet per standard size chicken in a coop is a good guideline.

We had a duck a few years back and oh wow was that girl stinky and made such a wet mess everywhere. I'd say you definitely have to take the duck factor into consideration in your coop.


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We have an 8x10 coop as well It has double doors on the front and two vents in the back We have one good sized window on the side. Before we put the window in I could smell ammonia but since I convinced DH to put the window in everything is fine. We live in Florida with all the heat it would build up fast.


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My coop is about that size. The eaves of the shed roof are open (covered with hardware cloth to keep out pests). We have one door on the south side. My original plan was to put window on the south side to let in lots of sun. As the summer heated up, I changed my mind - I didn't want roast chicken IN the coop! We ended up cutting four "shutter" windows, two on the east side and two on the west side. Very rustic, cut with a sawzall in the rough-sawn pine siding, screwed in hinges and a few turn-buttons to hold them shut when needed. Chicken wire stapled on the inside. These provide a nice breeze in the summer while I can limit the amount of hot summer sun that comes in.

To combat ammonia, the best thing I've found so far is bedding with Woody Pet. I spread it out and mist it with my hose to "activate" it. If I detect an odor when I think the bedding should still be fresh, I'll moisten it again. If it dries out too much, it won't handle the ammonia. Being a little moist does the trick. Rake it up frequently and shovel out when it gets yucky.


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My coops is 5 1/2 feet by 15 feet with 5 windows. My door and one window are on the short walls for a breeze on hot days. My other 4 windows are on one of the long walls. The long window wall I face north in the summer and south in the winter.


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I have an 8x8 coop with 3 good sized 28 x28 inch windows on the south side, one on the west side, 2 eves vents on the north and 2 eves vents on the south. Some days I still smell ammonia so I am adding more vents on the east and west side. Stall Dry has helped with the ammonia but I don't think anyone should underestimate the value of ventilation. I'd rather have too many windows than not enough and can always close them in bitter weather.


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I have two large windows that take up one whole wall of my large henhouse. I also added another large window on the opposite side. My chickens get alot of natural lighting and excellent air flow with these. I cover them with plastic in the winter and this does very well. I don't think one can have too many windows. This eliminates the need for turning on the lights in the daytime and all the airflow makes for a coop that has hardly any smell. Nice and dry droppings with this much airflow.


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I have an 8X11 coop. I have vents near the ceiling with a fan constantly blowing air from the coop towards the outside. Tonight I cleaned the vent and boy was it dusty. I have a window on the wall by the roosts and one opposite the door. We had 116 degree days this summer and with the coop in the shade of some large oleander trees the hens did fine... also, the small door to the run is almost always open. I have 18 hens and I think I could handle 20 but we are keeping it at 18 for a while. The end of November when they are 7 months old, I will start to cull the hens who haven't given me any eggs. They will be 23 weeks old this Friday and we got a record 4 eggs today... Also the eggs are starting to get larger.

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