how many years do ducks lay?


11 Years
Oct 13, 2008
port orchard,WA
hi i cant find anything saying how many years the average duck lays. right now 1 of my ducks lays every day except for about a mth in the winter. i just wanna know how many years i can expect this from her or my other hens when they get old enough to lay.

Mine tend to lay pretty well from like 1-4 years old. They seem to begin to decline around 4ish. They will gradually continue to lay less and less, but many are still laying sporadically for several more years.
LOL, I suspect that there are a lot that will lay (albeit much fewer eggs) until they are even 7-8+ years old. It is hard for me to tell on some of ours because we often still keep them in their family groups rather than separate them, but we will occasionally get extra eggs that I know come from some of the old birds.
My three are hybrids, six years old and still laying.

The first year they laid constantly and I MEAN constantly. I used to keep track of the number of eggs laid in the first few years and they each averaged about 350 per year! I kid you not

They are Golden 300 Hybrids from Metzer Farms in Gonzales CA.

They are still laying but much less often and now I probably get 8 or so a week from all three combined.

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