How much “treat feed?”

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  1. thecreekhouse

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    I have six pullets (three Ameracaunas, one Cochin, one Silkie and one Olive Egger). All are between about 4-8months old. None are laying yet. I am feeding them an always-available supply of crumbles but I’m also giving them a bowl containing about one quart of a treat mix of cracked corn, mealworms and black sunflower seeds each day. They all seem to eat both the crumbles and this treat mix but I’m unsure if I am giving them too much of the treat mix. Is this an acceptable amount or should they get more or less of the corn/seeds/mealworms each day?
  2. Are they free-ranging? I would cut down on the treat mix a little either way. Good luck!
  3. Morrigan

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    One quart per day for 6 birds is quite a bit. I'm one of the more lax people here, when it come to treats, but even I would but that back quite a bit. I also would scatter it, so it gave the birds some exercise and something to do.
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    I give my three 32 month old hens a 1/3 of a cup a day scattered in their pen.
    I give my seven 15 week olds a half cup a day scattered in their pen.
    They have to search for it in litter by scratching and pecking. 20181128_092613.jpg . This Scratch. 20181111_101456.jpg . I give as a midmorning treat. It's their only treat. GC

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