How much additional food/veg/fruit each day?

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I've had my 3 ex battery girls a month. They live in an enclosed run and have destroyed all grass inside the run. I give them ex battery crumb in the am and mixed grain in the pm. I have been giving them some additional treats such as grapes, tomatoes, corn on cob, lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, strawberries and hand picked grass but only a small amount in the early afternoon. I would like to know if this is correct. Do they need greens every day? Should I give more additional food? What do you give yours, how often and how much? Thanks for your time.
Treats should comprise probably no more than 10% of the diet.

I have been giving mine 2-3 inch grass clippings (very short to avoid crop impaction) every day and they love it.

Also all our table scraps (which doesn't amount to much).

I just want to mention that they should have layer ration available all day if they are not able to free range. They fill their crops over and over throughout the day.

Mixed grain, if it is comprising a large part of the diet (I feed all mixed grains and seeds, myself), should be used as a treat unless the protein percentage is near 16%, which is the recommended level for layers. A lot of folks feed 20% protein to their layers, and they sell this at the feed store (flock raiser) with oyster shell on the side.

In other words, layer ration is designed to be the sole ration for the laying hen. Treats dilute this (though they need greens and living plants IMO for vitamins and general health) somewhat.

I hope this helps.

They also need grit supplied if not free ranging and you don't notice nice sharp small pebbles in the soil to digest whole grains and greens (treats). They need oyster shell supplied to make nice hard shells just in case what is in the ration isn't enough. This can be mixed in the feed or on the side.

Here is information on grit (sand is really too small except for tiny chicks):

treats chart
I included this one because you mentioned mixed grains. IDK if it will be helpful or not.

It sounds like your girls are well cared for and spoiled!
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