How much calcium is too much?


12 Years
Jul 6, 2007
Way back in the spring I had a game bird that was traumatized by a fox and then laid shelless eggs for a few months no matter what I gave her, tums, calcium syrup etc. She went through a molt and now I think she is fine. I haven't seen any shelless or soft shell eggs from her in a while (sometimes I wonder if she is laying at all). But I got in the habit of giving my other girls tums as a calcium supplement because their egg shells became hard as rock. Can I give them too much?
Thanks Kay
I think you can, if they can not get shed of the excess calcium though the eggs the kidneys must deal with it which can cause problems.

Also I am not sure on how super hard egg shells would affect hatching, might cause chicks not to be able to break that peep hole and zipper them selves out.
So I guess I should cut back, how much is too much? I'm not worried about hatching as I don't have a rooster, but i wouldn't want to stress their kidneys. Thanks. Kay
If they start to grow antlers, it's probably too much

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