How much chirping is normal for baby chicks?


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I have 3 two week old Polish Crested chicks. All of my other chicks have been old enough and it's been warm enough out that we didn't need to use a heat lamp with them so I'm kind of winging it. We think we have the light at the right distance, but maybe not. How much chirping is normal from them? I'm trying to go by the idea that if they huddle together all the time then they are still too cold, but if they sleep spread apart they are too warm. They sleep next to each other, but otherwise they do their own thing when awake. They chirp a lot, though. Not loud chirping, just light chirping. Is that okay? The only time they seem to not chirp is when they are eating, drinking, or sleeping. Is that normal or are they still too cold? I have no clue....

Oh, they do have a heat lamp.
They are two weeks old, there are three of them.
I guess I worded my post wrong. I'm trying to figure out if I have it at the right height/temp. lol
chirping like little songbirds is good.
Chirping like a smoke alarm going off means they are in great distress. sounds like your chicks are fine.
Congrats on the new chicks! If you put a thermometer in near them ( but not directly under heat lamp) at 2 wks should be about 80 - 85 deg. and minus 5 deg. for each additional week old. Make sure no drafts in brooder.
I used our digital thermometer that reads air temp, and it says that down by the chicks it is 82 degrees.
They are currently in plastic storage container in our spare bedroom with the vents closed, so there shouldn't be any drafts. It's nice and toasty in there compared to the rest of the house. lol
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What an excellent description!!! These are my first chicks and I had NO idea the variety of sounds they made, I love listening to them!
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