How much could they be worth?

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6 Years
May 20, 2016
i was planning on selling some hatching eggs next year from rhode island reds and was wondering what they are worth per egg thanks in advance
Post a picture of your birds. If they are hatchery stock then the price isnt going to be as high as show quality stock. If you have been showing your birds and winning prizes then you can put the price up.

The problem with hatchery stock is it rarely conforms to breed standards. If you truly want to sell eggs for hatching I would get.... a different breed and better parent stock. I'm not saying it can't be done, but.... I can buy hatchery RIR at the feed store sexed for $3 or less, all day long without the extra time and effort of incubation. Very few people can have or want roosters, so the straight run issue may come up with hatching eggs.

Plus a lot of people think they have RIR when it's more like Production Red. It's great if you love the breed and the birds you have are exceptional, then that's how you should advertise them. I did have 1, and she was a good layer, quite spry, and friendly enough. I am not saying anything bad about hatchery RIR, I just feel like the genetics are inferior to breeder stock assuming you breeder isn't breeding from hatchery stock as well. My hatchery "ameraucana" always have the cutest fluffiest cheeks, but that's it. They are usually flighty. My breeder Ameraucana are completely different. Good sized birds, still nice cheeks, but the demeanor is where they shine as well as size. They are much more enjoyable to be around even if not as varied in color.

At least selling hatching eggs, you won't yourself end up with a bunch of chicks and not know what to do. I will let you know, if you plan to ship... it is illegal in many cases to sell (ship) across county and state lines.

People in my area usually sell hatching eggs... for barnyard mixes- $10/dozen (probably what yours are worth), and pure breeds (depending on breed rarity and parent stock genetics) - $25-$50/dozen.

I almost bought some of the barnyard mix hatching eggs for the experience. And that's what some people may do, I see a lot of school class hatching projects. I don't see any problem if you are honest. What gives them a higher value than "eating" eggs is the care taken when collected is much different (or at least it should be), maybe include that in your ad so people know what they are paying for.

Not trying to be a Debbie Downer, just giving you my take.

Best wishes!
Here are some questions you need to ask yourself
1: You mentioned your birds are hatchery stock. You need to make sure to write in the ad, "HATCHERY STOCK"
2: Are your birds healthy and lice mite and parasite free? Have you had any contagious viruses or diseases in the past 1-2 years? If you have you need to include that in the ad.
3: Are they purebred? Even if they are hatchery stock, they should be purebred.
4: Do you know how to sex chicks and juvenile birds? If not they should be sold as "straight run".
5: Are you willing to replace chicks that have died in a set amount of time?
Good luck.

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