How much DE to use in the coop?


Crazy for Cochins
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Apr 24, 2009
Tab, Indiana
I got my bag of food grade DE in the mail yesterday, and I went out to the coop with it and I sprinkled it on the coop floor cause it has been getting stinky in there, and then I mixed a very small amount into their food, and I also set up a dust bath. My birds love the weeds and cuttings we give them, and we usually just toss them in on the floor of the coop and they all come running to inhale them as fast as they can. My concern is, if they are eating the cuttings straight off the coop floor, then the DE is getting on the cuttings, and eventually into the chickens. Should I still be adding it into their food? The bag says mix it at a rate of 2% of the feed, so I am thinking if I mix it into a 50lb bag, I only need about 2lbs, or is my math that off? How much does everyone else give their chickens, and how much is too much? When they do start laying eggs (they are nearly 10 weeks old now), will too much affect their egg production? This is my first flock, and my first experience with DE. Thanks to anyone that helps with this issue.


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Dec 3, 2008
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I just now got my bag of DE in the mail, and it also says to mix at yours from Earthworks too?

I believe 2% would be 2 lbs per 100 lbs per feed, so 1 lb per 50 lbs of feed, but I've also read that it can be mixed up to 5%. I would probably stick with the 1 lb (2%) since they'll be picking it up other places as well.

I'm about to get busy with my DE in the's not stinky in there, but I have seen some bugs (a few ants, flies, etc.). I don't want it to become an infestation!

Glenda L Heywood

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Apr 11, 2009
you can not feed too much De as it simply goes thru the gut knicking the worms and comes out in the manure and kicks the flies also\\
Here is some thoughts on using DE


1. No toxins-desirable for safety

2. Effective in Control of internal and external parasites (sprinkled on body and nest and all sleeping areas prevents mites, fleas, etc.)

3. Mixed with feed it constantly attacks parasites. Keeps bugs out of feed. Terminates worms daily inside animals stomach as they eat food treated with DE.

4. Better feed conversion

5 Less presence of odor & dryer droppings making for easier clean up

6. Flies and larva are killed by DE left in the manure

7. Easy to feed
8. Decreased mortality

9. Can be used as a dust for external parasites

10. Calcium provided for egg production, may increase number of eggs laid

11. Trace elements for cell growth and bone development

12. May halt cannibalism in some cases

13. Eliminates worms and flies in feed bins resulting in less waste of feed.

14. Provides calcium and trace minerals for bones, feathers, hair, fur, and body Animals and Fowl and Poultry ingesting DE have
better quality fur, hair, and feathers.

15. In cattle- increased milk production and promotes higher butter fat content

16. In cattle- decreased mastitis

17. In food animals and dairy cattle- no withdrawal prior to use of products, immediate onsummation of eggs and meat and milk, no waiting period.

18. Parasites and insects cannot build up resistence

19. Cost - for meat and milk animals it can be free to use considering 4, 8, & 13

20. Proven to be Less expensive than chemicals because DE prevents sick animals due to worms,

#13 veres veterinary bills,lower feed bills due to #13. In some cases less feed is consumed because of the anti-caking properties of DE allowing more surface area of food to be utilized for nutrients
Adding DE promotes health for your animals and birds every day as it is used..

any questions email me


Crazy for Cochins
10 Years
Apr 24, 2009
Tab, Indiana
Yes, mine is from Earthworks too. I was tempted to buy a larger bag, but I wanted to familiarize myself with the stuff first, so I only got a 10lb bag. But I feel better after reading all that it can do. I just know that reading something in instructions can vary immensely from actual usage. I am now wondering, how can I use it for my dogs and cats? I am planning to make some homemade dog biscuits when I have some money to get the ingredients I need and I'll bake some into the biscuits. They'll love them. Cause it's already crazy around here with fleas. My neighbor's outdoor cats are infested. We use Frontline, but I still want to make extra sure we have no bugs around here.

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