How much do Australorp chicks eat ?

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May 23, 2020
Johannesburg, South Africa
I have 8 chicks that are currently with a broody hen and I am trying to figure out how much they eat. The mother hen also eats their feed and there isn't anything I can do to ensure she does not eat the food while still allowing the chicks to. I very much so doubt that she is eating the usual (100 grams/day).

I am trying to plan ahead to buy larger quantities of food because it's cheaper that way. So I wanted to know the amount they eat at different ages. That is from 3 weeks old to 6 months old ( when they lay ).

I searched the web, couldn't find anything about Australorps. Found this chart for Lohmann Brown chicks, but I believe they eat significantly less considering that they are a commercial breed
That is from 3 weeks old to 6 months old ( when they lay ).
They'll never eat more than ABOUT quarter pound each.. basically even when full grown or Australorp. They also don't eat in the dark.

The hen eating their feed is fine.. just offer her oyster shell or whatever your calcium choice is on the side as she return to lay when done raising them... I never change feed because of mixed ages and birds thrive.. so if you have (or order) too much and wanna switch to "layer" before running out.. Just mix the two together to use up the older one when you're ready to switch.

I know this isn't a perfect answer but hope it helps.

Congrats on your mama and babes! :celebrate

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