how much does an incubator cost?

Flock Runner

9 Years
Nov 27, 2011
i want to get an incubator but what is the average cost of one? i don't want to know how much you CAN get them for on e-bay, how much a good incubator actiually costs.
I've seen them from $100-$1000. Guess it depends on how big you want. I would spend some time online looking at different ones and checking out reviews. Some of the more popular small ones go from $200-$400. Most people seem to like them with the automatic egg turners.
I just today purchased the Brinsea Octagon 20 Advanced from their online store.

It's normally $369.00

It's on sale for $70 off at $299.00

Coupon code at checkout "HappyNewYear" gives you another $29.90 off..

Shipping is $24 so it's came to under $300 shipped... I've been looking all over and found this on to be the best balance of performance, quality, capacity and cost.

I'm ordering French Black Copper Marans from a breeder.
I just purchased a Hova-bator Genesis 1588 with automatic turner, extra quail racks and a second therm/hygrom. I purchased them from Incubator Warehouse and the total cost was $177. I ordered it online and had it in hand three days later.

I did my first ever set with the New Years Day hatch. I set 14 of my own eggs and ended up with 12 chicks, an 85% hatch rate.

I'm quite happy with the incubator and would buy another. I'll probably end up with a second without the turner to use as a hatcher so I can do staggered sets.


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