How much does it cost to feed 15 ducks a week?


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Apr 28, 2011
hi guys.

I'm am getting 6 new ducklings on wendsday, and rehoming two of my drakes soon. Then I will have 1 khaki 1 ancona 4 welsh harlequin and 4 rouen and two calls. So that all together is about 12, I was planning on hatching some more khaki eggs to get some ladies for my drake, I was planning on keeping two girls and selling the rest, or giving away free. Then I was going to hatch some call eggs when my female starts to lay, and keep one female. So then by the time I have that last call, I will have 15 ducks! If that is to much ducks I need to know now! (BTW the reason I want all these ducks is 1 I love ducks! 2 I am planning on hatching ducklings to sell, and to sell hatching eggs thats what the extra call girl is for)

What kind of food you you use? I should really be feeding mine real duck food, right now im feeding them unmedicated chicken layer. I really do want to feed them "duck" food but I dont know what to use. I know lots of people feed their chickens and ducks the same food becuz they are together. But once I build "duck topia" I want to feed them their own kind of food. Thanks BTW ducklover1 I really needed the help.

And how long do you think that will last me with 15 ducks? Oh and do you know if calls eat less then other ducks since they are alot smaller? Thanks! 1 more thing sorry how many lbs do you feed thwm a day? Thanks for the third ftime!..... Oh and. Nah just playing lol.
General rule of thumb with my runners is about three pounds of food a day for the nine of them. That's 21 pounds a week, two and a half weeks for a fifty pound bag.

Blue Seal costs about $14 a bag, Countryside Organic about $23 a bag, just depends on what kind of feed you use. You can also feed a variety of other foods, but I like having a balanced ration as the basis for my ducks' diet.

The more they can forage for themselves, the less boughten food they eat, but they can have nutritional imbalances sometimes.
You guys have runners though. Im gonna have rouens and khakis and welsh AND calls which weigh more than runners well maybe not the calls and the welsh well the rouens weigh aton more than runners I know that for a fact. So they will eat more. :'(
Yes big pigs lol. My drake coupd eat a A WHOLE lb. if I let him.

And again what kind of food do "you use?"
And again what kind of food do "you use?"

Purina Flock Raiser.
I usually mix some corn into their feed during late fall/early winter period. It gives them some extra fat so they can keep themselves warm.

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