How Much does it cost to ship ducklings??

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Goat_Walker, Oct 27, 2009.

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    Jul 9, 2008
    Well Im having trouble with my bator, So I was considering sending some eggs to people and letting them hatch time. I talked to a neighbor and he suggested just swapping ducklings!

    So How much does it cost to ship ducklings on average?
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    Quote:Check with your local post office.
    Some POs are not allowed to even accept live shipments. Generally if your PO ships its mail to another PO by truck for further truck shipment they can't (not allowed by regs.) to take them. If they ship direct to a airport they usually can. Most POs don't want to ship lives, many airlines don't want to accept lives either.
    Local weather at your end and the receiving end will also be taken into account in accepting. Days of the week also enter into acceptance they don't want them sitting in the mail over a weekend
    UPS and FED EX will NOT accept lives.
    Post offices are supposed to only accept in special approved boxes (Not available from the USPS) that have strict rules about box strength, breathing holes, and Bio sercury filters to isolate the birds from outside air.
    Frankly shipments are money losers, that they would love to drop. Only the pressure from farm state Congressmen keep them in the bird shipping business.
    Lots of Luck but check it out before you commit to shipment.
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    Aug 21, 2009
    Shipping Priority mail, which is how most day olds ship where I live, it is done by weight. It is very easy to calculate prioity mail shipping at USPS, if you know how much your babies and their packaging weigh. As far as shipping older ducklings, I have no idea what the express shipping would cost, but I know it is alot more. And the day olds I received last spring were just in a small, not particularly sturdy, cardboard box with small open air holes in it. And I received them from a very well known hatchery. I think figuring out which post office they will need to be picked up at is the hardest part. They usually stop at the local hub and mail carriers almost never home deliver, but each city is different and so is each hub.

    Shipping a 3lb 8oz package priority mail is $10.80, I know this because I just mailed one this morning and asked about ducklings while I was in the PO. The best way to find out what the particulars are on duckling shipping in your area is just to ask the post office. I hope this helps.

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