How much feed do I need?

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    Hi, does any one know how much feed on average 6 hens will eat? Their going to be in a chicken tractor and aloud to free range a bite at lest once a day. Also does any one have any suggestions on what brand of food I should buy there are going to be layers/pets.Thanks!
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    Usually layers will eat at max 1/4 lb food each per day. I use Purina Layena pellets for layers. I've tried a variety of other different feeds, but the chickens health and performance is the best when I'm using Purina.
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    Jan 24, 2016
    A lot can depend on the feeder you have. When I brought my 9 (18 week old) pullets home I got a cheap rural king feeder. I think it holds 7 pounds (according to the label). I was filling it every day, it wasn't getting tipped over but they sure did like to waste feed. I built one of the 5 gallon bucket feeders with the 90 degree pvc elbows. Now little to no waste since they have to reach in and down to get the food. Tomorrow is the three week date from when I brought them home and I still am on my original 50 pound bag. With my old feeder I would have gone through 150 pounds at the rate I was going. Right now it looks like I will be getting about 4 weeks out of a 50 pound bag. I haven't free ranged by hens yet but plan to start letting them out some times for a few hours in the afternoons when I will be home.

    I did notice on Rural Kings flyer it stated that 10 hens will eat 25 pounds of food a week. I thought that seemed high.
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    Good advice so far. The short answer is you can't know how much hens will eat. As was said, how much they waste and how much they get from foraging will have a significant impact. Also, the size of the bird.
    6 Jersey Giant hens will eat significantly more than 6 Seramas.
    Bottom line is you have to keep food available all waking hours for best results.
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    On average, each hen will eat about 0.25 pounds each day. That means your 6 birds are going to eat about 1.5 pounds per day. Once your hens start laying, they should transition to a layer feed. Purina® offers several great options to choose from: Purina® Layena® Premium Poultry Feed with Oyster Strong™ System, Purina® Organic Layer Pellets or Crumbles and Purina® Layena® Plus Omega-3, which also includes Oyster Strong™ System.
    For more on setting your hens up for laying success, check out this article:

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