how much feed to give your chickens


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May 29, 2010
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I was wondering how much chicken food to give your chickens a day. I just measured what I have been feeding my eleven chickens daily and it is 9 cups. They usually get oatmeal in the morning. free ranging for a few hours a few days a week. Any way my real question is with the grain. It is an organic laying ration that they are on and they are between 5 and 10 months old. Thanks I really appreciate the feed back.
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by all they need, do you mean all that they can eat? I feed them their grain about 4 hours before roosting. They all eat their fill with food still left(wich they usually eat on the next day until they are fed again, but they are out of grain by the time the next feeding is so occasionally I wonder if I'm feeding enough. So anything a little more specific would be great. Should they always have grain available to them? If so I should probably double my ration. What is everyone else out there doing?
Hello!! We have a home made PVC gravity feeder that holds about 20lbs of feed. I keep this full all the time plus at least once a day they get scratch,greens,and treats.They really love mealworms..I guess maybe they are a little spoiled.
Free choice?? What does that mean? I actually googled it thinking I was just too dense and it would be obvious once i was enlightened. No such luck google doesn't get it either. Any one have any universal terms of measurements? a cup? a coffe can full? Or should they always have access to grain?
As was posted, free choice. Feed is always available. They will eat what they need. If there is "wasted" feed just withhold until they clean it up.
Thanks I really appreciate it. So basically they should always have access to it. I mean when I free range them they follow me around the yard when it is getting close to feeding time. I think I need to step up their feed ration. thanks again

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