how much feed will i use in one month

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    so i will be bringing 10 full size hens home in march (leghorns, bsl and ee). they will not be able to free range much [​IMG] i will give them table scraps and treats tho. i will be feeding 20% layer crumbles. so i know this will be hard to guess but about how much feed will i go through in a month? i don't need exact numbers but i just kinda want to get an idea of how much they will eat. thanks for the help as always [​IMG]
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    Quote:I Have six barred rock pullets and when winter hit they started to consume 50# of layer crumbles in about 5-6 weeks depending how many other forms of feed they get. With snow on the ground they can't free range as they do in summer so I give them a head of cabbage every week along with various treats (boss, suet block yellow corn etc.). With 10 birds I would have to guess you will need 50# every 3-4 weeks.
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    lighthawk's estimate on 50#'s per 3-4 weeks is I would guess pretty close as I am feeding approx. 30 chickens and go thru that amount in a week. Expensive this time of year considering the high cost of feed and no eggs to show for it! BTW, you might find that laying pellets are not as wasteful as the crumbles.
  4. I go through a 50# bag of laying pellets every 7 to 8 weeks for 9 hens. Mine free range daily. It should be noted that here it is still warm and they get plenty from the garden still and plenty of food scraps.
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    I have 10 chickens (all different breeds) and 50lbs of layer crumbles lasts me 2-3 weeks. They get all of the kitchen scraps.
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    I have 30 chickens (buff orpingtons,s3xlinks,and amerucanas) I go through a 50 lb. bag every week and a half. But the leghorns dont eat near as much food as the other chickens.
  7. I'd do this. I would certainly bring home two 50's to start and judge it for yourself.

    Without free range or enclosed good pasture, 10 birds will be through an amazing amount of feed, especially in the winter when they need the calories to keep warm. Agree that pellets means much less waste. Don't be shocked if your flock can eat their way through a 50 lb bag is less than 3 weeks. It would not be abnormal. 1/2 or 1/3 that food if and when they can pasture.
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    With 30 chickens and 33 ducks I go through about a #50 lb bag a week and use #50 lb bag of scratch in a month (although that is going up with winter). I would buy two bags and see how far they last you as I think everyone doles it out differently and since you are also giving table scraps it should the feed should also go down.
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    I was worried that I am feeding too much.. When it was in the minus digits, I started feeding a little corn with boss in the morning, and then the same with an apple and olive oil in the crumbles and pellets..I am going through 50lbs each crumbles and pellets in 4 weeks for( 9 hens) We are frozen over so no free grazing..I still let them out just for R&R
    We are also subsidizing the mice and sparrows..which are a little overwhelming..If you are in the process of building your coop do the hardware cloth!!!
    Does this sound like too much feed? They are not gaining weight., but they have acclimated to the cold very well...we haven't been above freezing for quite some time, until yesterday! I have cut back on the corn and boss, no more oil...Just seems like a lot to me! They definitely prefer the crumbles to the pellits but I think the wildlife does too!
    It is so nice to have this resource available!!! Thank you to all the seasoned chicken people!
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    Based on what my 6 hens/1 roo eat, I'd say about a bag of layer feed a month...

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