How Much Feed Will They Eat?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by bigredfeather, Jun 25, 2010.

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    I am wanting to get 10 BB Bronze poults. I am wanting to feed them out until Thanksgiving which would be 4 months from the time I am going to receive them. I am going to sell a few of the finished turkeys to my broiler customers. I am wanting to give them some idea of what the cost may be. I will be feeding them a high protein feed as recommended. My question is approximatly how much feed will a turkey eat in a 4 month period. I know there are many variables, so I'm just looking for a ballpark amount to give at least some idea of what to expect. Also, if you have a source for the lowest priced poults, please let me know.

    Since I am new to turkeys, I guess I should ask if the BB Bronze is a good choice for someone just wanting to raise some for Thanksgiving. I don't want a huge bird. Anything under 25 pounds will be fine. I do not want to keep a them year round. If you have any suggestions, please share.

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    The broodbreasted whites will give you a nicer looking plucked bird. Thats the common supermarket bird. You will find it cost alot more to raise than just buying them when they are on sale at Thankgiving. I have never kept track exactly how much it cost since I only raise for myself.

    The Heritage turkeys taste the best but they don't convert feed as well and take longer. But it would be the best bird if taste is what your looking for. The White Holland and Buffs make a nice plucked bird.

    It is getting late in the year to get started.

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