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    I am starting to build my first flock and heard swaps were a decent place to go for a variety of birds. I stumbled across two breeds that I liked. One is the brabanter and the other is the cuckoo maran.

    That being said, I wasn't sure how much to pay. They were all 3.5 to 4 months old and all hatchery sexed females. I payed 30 for both marans and 20 for the Brabanter. I went back this week and bought 2 black sex linked for 30, both were female.

    I have both of my brother-in-law and father-in-law laughing when I told them how much I spent. Are they right or did I do OK?

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    You payed a little over price for most of them because they are a bit young for $20-$30.

    Black sexlinks are worth $15 each when they are about to lay where they will in a month or so.

    $30 for the marans isn't totally crazy as they will lay dark dark brown eggs but this breed isn't uncommon and they aren't old enough to lay. $20 for this pair would have been alright.

    Barbanters are uncommon and if one is worth $20 to you, then that is its value, even if it is young.

    For later references when you buy chickens, think of quality, rarity and age.
    Common layer breeds top of price at about $20, these breeds usually include, Leghorn, Austalorp, Sexlink, New Hampshire, easter eggers & wyandottes. All silkies at the point of lay are also worth around $20 as a base price. All of the breeds listed are at least 5 months old for their prices.

    Show birds of any breed hold a higher value than regular chickens. Their value depends on their breed and blood line. Usually breeders are not too bad on the price but some breeds are rarer than others. Some birds will got for over $45 a piece.
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    I wouldn't worry about it. You could have done worse. Besides, it would have cost you about the same as you paid to incubate and raise the birds to this age. They are older, so you get to see the quality at this age instead of guessing what you will get if you started with eggs or day old chicks.
    I did the day old chick and egg route 5 times before I started with started birds this time and found success. I will always encourage someone to start with started birds like you did. It's the best way to get nice birds, not have to worry about early management , and see quality in your birds at time of purchase. Congrats on your new birds, enjoy them
    Karen in western PA, USA
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    Thanks to you both. I am happy with our new birds so that is what matters. We are very eager to see some eggs from our new friends in a few months. They are very good looking chickens. It is beneficial to see what they are going to potentially look like in the near future.

    Thanks again for the replies. Next time I'll try and haggle though!


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