how much Gallimycin to give a sneezing chicken


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I have one POL pullet that is sneezing this morning. I have Gallimycin-100 on hand. It's concentration is 100mg/mL. The directions on the back are for bovine (4mL/100lb body weight). I'd like to know what we give to chickens...never had to inject for an illness in my flock before.
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I just received an order from Twin City Poultry and they sent a list of all meds and how much to give, so they say for Gallimycin 1/2 tablet for 3to5 days only, with a note to wet the tablet before giving to fowl do not eat eggs for 16 days.. if you have liquid I can't help you with that. Hope your little pullet gets better fast..
this might help even more
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