how much grit per pound of food


6 Years
Apr 2, 2013
Hello everyone,
I havea question as to how much grit per pound is a good ratio for mixing. We have 6 Hens that are all about 6-7 weeks old we got a week ago and it is time ot get in there and give the coop its first cleaning and mixture of water and feed.
So I need some help form all you pros to what is a good mixture of grit and feed.

Thanks for looking and helping.
If you just put it in a little pan or even throw some down in the run every day or two, they will get what they need. I use a large 18-24 inch clay plant saucer for feeding crumbles (as well as hanging feeders) and I just throw a handful of grit (and later crushed oystershell) over their crumbles each day. That is their favorite feeder.
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I know a lot of people on here feed grit, but I never have.

Then again, my chicks have a large run, so I figure they can go out and pick up their favorite tiny rocks themselves.

If you watch them, every earthworm is covered in little gritty dirt, and they eat those all up, also most of the slugs they eat are pretty grit covered.

I do feed them oyster shell when they are old enough to lay, and that stuff is pretty grit like too.

Anyway, never had a problem.

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