how much handling is ok?


5 Years
Mar 16, 2014
Hello, very excited about our 1 week old silkies. We are first time chicken parents. We've adjusted to each other, and I no longer feel the need to wake up every hour and check on them. We would like them to be part of our family, and want them to be friendly and unafraid. I have tweens, who really would like to hold them and "play" with them, but I don't want to stress out the babies. How much handling is appropriate/and when?
They're so cute! I love silkies.
I think you can't have too much handling on sweet little silkies. (However, with some breeds (SS, for example) I wouldn't hold the roosters so much. I did that with my two and they eventually turned on me. Bye bye.) Don't hold them to the point where they don't have time to eat, drink, sleep, ya know.
Congrats on them, you will love every minute with silkies!

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