How much handling is TOO much?


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Hi all!
Sorry if this has been discussed before. We let our broody Japanese bantam hatch out 2 eggs. They hatched late last night. Both appear healthy. These are our first babies ever. I would like to handle them as often as possible. Is there a point at which they can be handled too much? Will the hen reject them if I mess with them too often? They are just so darn cute, I can hardly stand it! Please forgive my "noviceness". Lol
Thank you!
Likewise, I plan on handling the chicks (and quail eventually) as much as possible to get them used to human interaction so if we ever have guests that want to see them they won't have any problems.
I'm handling my chicks about ten times a day. They are three days old now, and their protest is increasing as their strength increases. I hope they don't turn out like their human-fearing parents, which are really hard to catch for medical examination. If I hold them too much will they hate humans even more?
How spoiled do you want them to be? lol. We did a hatching for my son's homeschool project (my sister who provided the eggs and incubator was supposed to take the chicks after) but we only ended up with one baby. And fell in love! And have decided to give it a second try and have a few chicks to raise for the eggs. Meanwhile, our lonely little chick had to have attention with no hatchlings to keep "her" company. and since we weren't planning on keeping them, we had no outside housing set up. To make a long story short, she is well loved and spoiled but wants to be out with us 24/7. Often she will fly up our back and onto our shoulders or head and want to perch. If you are laying down and she is out she thinks she has to be on top of you. She will try to avoid you if you try to pick her up, but that's because she knows she's headed back to her quarters. She will be 6 weeks this evening. I don't know how it would effect momma hen, but the chicks, at least mine loved the attention.

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