How much has age changed your hens?


Sep 25, 2015
Curious to see how everyone else’s birds have aged,my three year olds and five year olds seem to be looking more and more “Elderly “but still look just as perfect as they were years ago.A few changes-
bb 273.JPG

bb 316.JPG
This was atleast four and half six months.
bb 334.JPG
This is the day I realized my emu legged rooster was the most beautiful thing around here.This is him at about 8 or 9 months.
Here is a picture of him today-
This just proves feathering changes and faces also change as they age.
A few hens-
Younger her-
bb 152.JPG

Older her
This hen changed a huge amount!She will be five this spring.
berierjr 004.JPG

This is my Easter egger.She has changed a huge amount.She is slow now.Came in here old and probably is atleast nine or eight years I’ll guess,but not in these above pics,
Her now-

Not a good pic but it’s obvious her eyes are so bad now!An she is losing rank unfortunately.Not too good of a pic but hate to say it,she got poked with the ugly stick.But we still love her.
The end,let me see yours


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My hens are moving more slower but so do I as I get older! They don't like to be held and set in their ways and so am I... Have wrinkles and sagging go on plus grey hairs showing... Oh I forgot that's me! But yeah they are showing age and thats ok I still love them just as much!

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