How much is my duck worth

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by John Eckert, Oct 9, 2015.

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    Today the neighbors dog got into my duck coop chased the ducks and geese out. One duck is missing and one has a bad cut on the chest. I confronted the neighbor he apologized and told me he would pay for the two ducks. I'm having trouble putting a dollar amount on the ducks. I had seven ducks and 5 eggs a day. I don't know if the one will live, I cleaned the cut out put some ointment on the wound. I guess we will see if it lives.
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    Good luck with the duck and your neighbor.
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    What a horrible thing to happen, I hope the missing bird is found and the injured on heals. As for putting a cost on your duck, that's hard if there is any emotional attachment to it. One thing you can do is take into account how much you paid for the 2 ducklings and how much you have paid out in food and shelter for them.

    That's good your neighbor is being accountable for his dog's misdeed. Is there something you can do on your end to beef up the security of your duck shelter?
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    You may want to try posting on the duck thread. If you can provide information such as breed, quality (mix vs. hatchery vs. breeder) age, etc. people might have a better idea what dollar amount to put on them.

    I'm glad your neighbor is taking ownership for what their dog did, but I would agree with NorthFLChick and suggest beefing up your coop/run to prevent this from happening again (whether it is the same dog again or some other critter looking for a free meal).

    I hope you locate the missing duck and they both make a complete recovery. [​IMG]
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    Did the owner say he would do something to help prevent a second attack? From reading so many stories similar to yours, often the dog owner expects to give you a couple bucks and be done with it. They almost never take steps to remedy the situation. If it happens again, then they get belligerent about it.

    I hope the dog owner you are dealing with actually keeps his word.
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