How Much layer?? How much Scratch??


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May 25, 2009
My chickens are in a large dirt/rock floored pen. They also have an shed/coop to lay in. I have 20 hens and a rooster. The hens are 3 buffs, 6 black ast. 6 RIR, 5 White leghorns, and a new hamp roo. How much 16% layer per day and scratch? Al are 1 year old.
I keep layer feed available 24/7. If I have some scratch they get it occasionally, but it's not something I run out and buy because they are out of it.
Right now they are finishing up a box of Special K that none of us humans wanted to finish.
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Yes they are laying. I always heard to just use scratch as a treat. So I will now go buy an auto feeder and let them have access to their layer 24/7. the guy at the feed store said i dont need oysters because it was in the layer. I took his word for it. They stay in a pen but I let them out every afternoon/evening for about 2 hours. is this good for them? I am new to this!
My layer feed also has calcium in it, something like 3 or 4%. I noticed a big difference when I stopped using oyster shell. The shells were still good and solid, but not nearly as strong as they were when I offered the OS. My girls now have oyster shell again.
Yes 24/7 on the layer feed & water, but you can just feed scratch as a treat every now and then, by just throwing a few handfuls out to them and let them scratch around get excercise and releive boredom.

thanks so much. This has answered all of my questions. They have an average of 13 eggs a day since I have owned them. 2 weeks. Is this a pretty good average?
I have a question about feed now that I was reading this post. So chickens don't need scratch all the time? I give mine layer and scratch, should I just be giving them cracked corn and layer?? Mine are free range, we have way to many wild animals and snakes around to let them roam free.

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