how much pecking is normal?


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
I have a new chicken that I tried to introduce to the other four girls yesterday for about 45 minutes in the yard. They all bumped chests with her and pecked her a little bit and then they ignored her. So, I am going to do it again today. How much pecking is normal to establish order and when should I remove her? I don't want to interrupt the process - but I also don't want them to hurt each other. Ya know? Fine line....I hope they all get along.
I would have left her out there since they started ignoring her after 45 minutes. Pecking is going to happen while establishing the pecking order. So long as she is bleeding real bad then i would leave her with them. Everyday that you introduce her then take her away they will do the same thing over and over again. I would put her with them and watch until the majority of it is over, then go check on her ever hour for the rest of the day. We have found it best to add new chickens to the flock at night when everybody is on the roost sleeping. It makes it a whole lot easier. they will still need to establish pecking order and she will still be somewhat new to the flock but at least at night they have already gotten use to the smell and someone had to roost beside her all night.

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