How much room does 3 hens need?

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    Would a 10' by 8' coop be big enough for 3 hens? Or do you need 10' by 10'? And would 8' by 20' feet be big enough for a run?
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    That much space and they will be in paradise. [​IMG] You will have plenty of room to add more chickens when you decide on more.
    ETA: technically, 12sq ft, is enough for 3 hens, which is a 4x3 coop, and 8 to 10sq ft per hen for the run, which is 30sq ft. which is 5x6 for the run.
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    Oh my goodness that is great. Inside space if they have run space is approximately 5 sq ft per bird so 15 sqft for sleep space 30 sqft if you want to make them super happy. So a 5' x 5' would be great with xtra room.

    I have 29 in a 12' x 12' and they are out in the run all day and free-ranging 12' x 38' run space.
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    That's a huge coop for them, you can have probably up to 20 in a coop that size without any danger of overcrowding. They'll think they're in a castle. [​IMG] ...ok last person said 5 sq foot per bird... in a warm climate, where they won't be trapped inside in the winter etc.. I'd say 4 sq foot per bird is fine, but that's my opinion.
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