How much room for Broilers?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by kassy68, May 11, 2009.

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    Hi, I am new and have just ordered 26 pullet layer chicks and 50 broilers.. (looking at 100 next year if this goes well)

    I know the 2-4sq ft thing for the layers, but how much room do the broilers need? do they need outside time?

    And layers again, If they have an outside run plus free range do they need 4 sq ft in the coop? I assume they will only go in the coop to lay and sleep at night..

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    I would not have less than 4 sq ft per layer because so many problems arise if they feel overcrowded. There will be days they stay in because of the weather. Some people have been successful with less, but others have had to deal with pecking and worse.

    I dunno about the broilers.
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    good questions - i want to know the same things. hopefully someone has some good info/knowledge...bump!
  4. You're in Michigan, they're not going to be outside 24/7 during the winter. So, yes, you need at LEAST 4 sf per hen in the coop [​IMG]

    As for broilers, I've heard 2sf but you could ask over in the meat forum, they'd know for sure.

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