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Dec 17, 2009
Rocky Point, NC
I have people asking me about duck eggs. Some want them to eat and some want them to hatch. I have indian runner ducks and I would like to know how much I should charge for them.

I hear you charge more for hatching eggs and a little less for eating eggs. What price would be the going rate? No one sells duck eggs around here. I have been selling eggs to eat for $5 a dozen to a couple of people. I have not sold eggs to hatch until now. Thanks.
If no-one else in your area is selling duck eggs- you can pretty much charge whatever you see as a fair price.

You need to consider things like the fertility - have you test incubated to make sure that you have a good start rate in your eggs?
What colour will the offspring be- pure or mixed?
What do your ducks cost to feed? I use this in the calculation of what I charge for the eggs.
How much would it cost for people in your area to obtain eggs form another source? IE: ebay- and paying for shipping- and the risk of eggs being damaged in transit.
$12 - $15 per dozen would not be an unrealistic place to start depending on the above questions- you can alter the price depending on the demand.
Hi Duckyfromoz,

I have fawn and white indian runner ducks. Yes, my eggs are fertile. I've hatched out 2 sets so far and I'm working on a few more as I type. As far as I can tell no one else has or sells duck eggs. I happen to know the person wanting to hatch the eggs so I probably won't charge much if at all. Not sure if she is doing this for 4H kids. Thank you for the information. It his helpful. I will check out to see what ebay is doing. I do not plan on shipping any eggs. I prefer to stay local. Thanks again.
I'll tell you one thing. I so wish I had more then one duck laying eggs. So people want some. I could be just the time of year too.
I would go to nearst store that sells duck eggs price them up.. and charge just a little less.... Your fresh eggs are going to be more tasty, and cheaper... people love bargins
and no doubt people would rather know the eggs that they eat are from ducks that live happy lives

I sell my eggs rather cheap, so people can see .. back yard ducks and chickens are econimcal pets that earn their keep, and owners are rewarded with tasty eggs..
hopefully convince people keeping your own is a better way of life.
A 4H Project!!! ..Sounds great- encouraging the younger generation to learn about poultry- I can see how you may differ the prices for that- but you should still charge something, its important for the kids to learn that even when things are for a good cause- that they shouldnt expect something for nothing. Maybe in this case- you could even get the kids to " pay " for the eggs. Get them to come over and help you do a round of feeding and cleaning out the coop.

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