how much should i sell them for?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by silkielover5, Nov 26, 2011.

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    so in the spring im getting all new silkies and showgirls so sadly my current ones are going to have to go. im thinking of selling this white pair for $25 at my 4h auction. Dipsey my hen is dirty i can not keep her clean and I dont even know how she gets dirty!!! i gave up on trying but this pair came from a breeder and their about 2 years old and looks pretty good they have correct feet and feathering...idk i might even keep her but the white pair i have 5 chicks from that are 5 months old right now and they look good, 3 already have nice full crests but 2 of the 5 have shredded wings
    this black rooster is 5 months old he came from a hatchery looks good but has some leakage in his hackels and not a very large crest. his hen is about 5 years old also from a hatchery and doesnt look great. funny toes and very bad crest im thinking about doing this pair for $10 or $15 starting bid
    tell me your opinions i know their not good pictures but i dont have good pictures of them on my computor and its dark
    tomarrow ill get pictures of their babys and of the black hen

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    $20-$25 is a fair price for the white ones.

    I'd say given the history for the black ones and how old they are, you'd have a hard time giving them away in most areas.

    But there are some folks who like to eat silkie meat so you could advertise them for food and get perhaps $5

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