How much should I sell?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by wilmothfarms, Jul 23, 2010.

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    May 3, 2010
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    I have 3 mallard hens and 1 drake Pekin that I'd like to sell, I'm down sizing...any suggestions for what I should price them for at my local farmer/flea market? Anyone around the Elizabethtown/Louisville Kentucky area interested? I hand raised them with my chickens, they get along great with them, they have been handled - ALOT, my Pekin has mallard hens however are more elusive and dont really care for the hugs we try to give them [​IMG] litt e buggars! This is my first time raising and selling so I'm just not sure! The mallard hens are in high demand in my area and I was going to take them tomorrow to the farmers market, so if ANYONE can help me I'd really appreciate it! I've got pictures if anyone would like to see! They are about 20 weeks old, I got them in March.
    Cecilia KY

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    Every area has a different "regular" selling price, plus the time of year is a factor.
    Before you put yours up for sale, go to a local swap meet or flea market, wherever ducks are sold, and see what the going rate is. That should halp give you an idea of how much to charge.
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    I know where I am at in Ohio a Pekin Drake would run $6.00 and Mallard ducks are dirt cheap. Mainly because nobody wants to deal with a Federal Migratory Bird Permit in order to buy and sell them in the U.S.

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