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    May 15, 2011
    Making plans for my run and was wondering what the maximum spacing should I use between 4 x4's (dug into ground) so that the hardware cloth will not sag and the coop be sturdy. My run will be 8' x 12'. THANKS FOR THE HELP!!!!
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    I would put them a little less than 12 feet apart. Here is the reasoning- you will need to put a 2X4 at the top along the top of your 4X4 posts, so that you can screw your wire into it so it wont sag and won't be too easy for predators to pull out. The 2X4's come in 12 foot lengths. (or you could do 8 foot lengths, and space your posts at 8 ft apart- but you'd get more for your money out of the 12 ft length) So if your posts are inside of 12 feet, then you can butt up your 2X4's (top and bottom) without having to cut. Just lay it all out and measure it all out.
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    also, check out this link-- scroll down to Post #7 for detailed pictures. If you are ready to build your run, you'll be interested in seeing pictures of aprons along the bottom of your run. You can also do a search on the board for more apron pictures. But I think this explains it pretty good.

    your apron can lay on top of the grass or be dug down. It doesn't have to be dug down very far if you go that route.
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    May 30, 2011
    Springfield, Ohio
    Hi there. I just finished building my own run, and set the posts 7-1/2 feet apart from each other. I chose 7-1/2 feet because of the 2x4's I used. They were 8 feet long, and I could cut them to fit the *actual* spacing, which of course was different that the intended spacing. Then, I 'tied' the posts together with horizontal 2x4s, spaced so that they were apart 4 inches less than the width of the fencing material. I attached the fencing material to the top 2x4's first. Then, I put in the next course so that it overlapped the first one. So, basically, I used 2x4s to bridge the span between posts so that sagging wouldn't be a problem. Hope this helps.


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