How much space is really needed in a bator?


10 Years
Apr 7, 2009
The tub I was going to use became damaged and I've been thinking of using an old cabinet drawer. I am going to bungee Plexiglas over the top as a lid.
I set it up and it seems to be holding firm between 98 and 101. It reads the humidity is at 70% is that okay?
Your humidity needs to be much lower for the first 18 days....I run mine at 30-35% for days 1-18 and then bump it up to 60-65 for the last three days. Do you have air holes for ventilation?
Yes turns out we had a nice wooden crate what has some slats on the bottom. Allows for nice ventilation. Okay I'll try to get the humidity down. The humidity in the house is high I've not even added water yet.

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